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Amanda, Rocky & Wilson

When it comes to alternative therapies, I’m probably 50% open-minded and 50% sceptical, so when my pragmatic, down-to-earth farrier who has been shoeing my horses for 15 years suggested that Hannah might be able to help make my 31 year old pony a little more comfortable and easier to shoe, I took his advice, and I’m so glad I did.  There is significant improvement in his ability to stand whilst being shod, and his previous stiffness afterwards has now completely disappeared. 


What I hadn’t expected was the effect that Hannah’s treatments would have on my other horse.  He had been “not quite right” behind, and neither vet nor physio had been able to identify precisely what was wrong.  Hannah pinpointed one of the causes exactly, even describing to me the way he walked, without ever having seen him outside the stable.  She also spotted some misalignment in his pelvis and suggested that he should be seen by a chiropractor.  In addition to the physical issues that were addressed, Hannah’s sessions have somehow brought me and my horse closer together: we’ve been together for 11 years but had never fully clicked; we have now!  I can honestly say that I am enjoying him more than I ever have, and we’re doing things together that we never did before and loving every moment.


Hannah’s work may be “alternative”, but I can’t dispute the evidence of my eyes – and not just mine, but those of fellow liveries and the farrier who have noticed a difference in both my horses.  I now think of Hannah’s sessions as essential ongoing maintenance, like foot-trimming/shoeing, and so we have them on a regular basis.