Sabre Holistic Day

Whether you've just bought a new horse, thinking about it or would like to improve the connection between you and your current horse, this is the package for you.

We offer a holistic therapy, advice, saddle fitting and training day to get you and your new horse off to a great start! The aim of the day is to release any trauma and negative energy your new horse might be holding on to and connect you on an energetic level, creating trust and a bond like you've never felt before.


Create a 1-1 connection between you and your horse, help them settle into their new home and reduce stress for you both.

Hannah establishes the physical, emotional and mental state of your horse to make a plan going forward to ensure you have a happy, safe and enjoyable future together.

How the day can help your horse:


  • Start your new relationship with a sense of renewal

  • Peace of mind your horse is in a place where they are ready to start work

  • Start off with the correct fitting tack to avoid future problems

  • Release tension and reduce avoidable veterinary bills

  • Create herd harmony when introducing your new horse

  • Build a great foundation for a bright future ahead

A life-changing experience for just £500.


What's included?

The day will be tailored to you and your horse, dependent on your horse's needs. We will always start with a physical & emotional assessment. A typical day could include:

  • Unlimited Masterson Method Bodywork

  • Essential Oil Session

  • Reiki: Master Level

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Saddle Fit Session

  • Join-Up Session

  • Groundwork

  • Ridden Session

  • Feed Consultation

  • Hoof Care Advice

  • Field & Stable Management

  • Overall Wellbeing and Future Care

All the advice you need in one place!

Contact Hannah today - she would love to meet you and your new partner.