We also offer holistic treatments to our two legged clients. Our horses will often pick up on our energy and emotions so it's important we take care of ourselves too.

Owner Healing

We love Tropic Skincare! 

Our clients are amazing and what better way to treat yourself than with your own daily pamper routine. Our skin is our largest organ so we need to look after it, in fact Tropic has so many unbelievable benefits it's good for our mind, body and soul.

As an official ambassador, Hannah is more than happy to advise you on your skincare choice to suit your needs. Hannah is so passionate about health and wellbeing Tropic felt like the perfect add-on to her services. She has used the products for a number of years and fully endorses them.

See the benefits for yourself...

100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Freshly made to order

A Range of Skin Issues Catered For

No Preservatives

This is why you won't see Tropic in shops

Food for the Skin

Incredibly Effective - Award Winning Products

Try the Tamanu balm on your horse's cuts and grazes


Firstly, Tropic is 100% natural! Legally only 3% of a product needs to be natural for a brand to claim they are natural


Have you ever rated your Skincare on the app Think Dirty? You may be surprised by what you find...


Reduce the chemicals in your body. The average person puts 515 chemicals on their skin per day. Reduce chemicals in your body by a third in just 3 days by using Tropic


Chemicals reach your bloodstream which finds it hard to get rid of the toxins. Toxins build, consequently affecting your health


Chemicals disrupt hormone levels. Switch to Tropic for a healthier, more balanced you


Tropic feels and smells amazing! Beauty starts within so lets take care of ourselves and feel happy, confident and beautiful


There's something for everyone whether you want to overhaul your skincare or have a specific concern in mind


You can expect the ABC or Deluxe Collection to last you between 4-5 months!


Fantastic value for money. A third of the price of some retailers and brilliant collection offers to help make your favourites more affordable


Green and clean. Tropic is a carbon negative company, have gorgeous skin and help the planet all at the same time


Feel Good Factors

Switch to Tropic and enjoy a healthier, more radiant you.

Please always remember to order directly from Hannah's site or contact her to place an order.


For latest updates, success stories and product information follow Hannah's Facebook and Instagram page @tropichannahlouise