Healing Modalities

Partnership with and posture of your horse are held very close to our hearts.

There is nothing like the feeling of working as one with your horse, with trust and a connection only you two know.

Biomechanics is really important to us and we believe in supporting your horse how they naturally move. Ensuring they have good posture and are strong in their muscles to both support us in the saddle and to drive their body forwards from the hind end.

We use Horsemanship and Classical training techniques to rehabilitate, improve body condition and your relationship.

Saddle Consultation

                 and Fit

Masterson Method Bodywork

Ground & Ridden Work

The Masterson Method alleviates soreness, strain and tension, helping to realign the body and bring it back into a state of equilibrium. The goal of the method is to improve mobility and increase flexibility in areas of restriction.

Essentially, the method brings attention to areas of soreness and supports the body in releasing the accumulated tension, by using a non-invasive approach. The techniques reach beneath the surface of the issues. The horse has natural flight or fight responses, with this in mind, the method works with these responses and allows your horse to release in a relaxed state going ‘under the radar’ of their brace responses when restriction is found.

The method reaches horses on a very deep level releasing muscles, joints, fascia, the nervous system and emotions. The benefits include improving muscle condition, increasing range of movement, releasing endorphins, relaxing the body and enhancing performance.





Advanced           Photonic             Therapy

Regular healing will assist in emotional balancing, general well-being, stress release and will help your equine to heal more quickly, should an injury occur. Reiki will also assist in discomforts we cannot see or do not know are there.

Reiki will help your horse become more resilient. Healing can assist your horse in day to day tasks and performance demands; their body can recover more quickly after work and therefore reduce the risk of injury. They will be less likely to catch illnesses, and if they do, their bodies will be better able to cope and fight against an illness or injury more effectively.


Their bodies will also cope better when additional training is required to increase their fitness levels, strengthening their system.

We use essential oils through a self-selection process. Your horse will choose the oil they need by smell, for emotional, physical or behavioural issues. The oil they need will smell sweet and palatable to them, which is how they medicated in the wild.

This is a great way for your horse to communicate what they need and release the pain or trauma they have, helping them to regain balance in body and mind.

Specifically, oils are fantastic helping horses to release grief, anger, trauma, anxiety, stress and attachment issues.

The effects of the oils are immediate, watch the releases and see the behaviour of your horse change.

Advanced Photonic Therapy, also  known as Red Light Therapy is based on traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a powerful natural therapy which works on the body's own immune responses, controlling pain and promoting healing.

The energy of light is used on specific points on the body called acupoints (the same points used in acupuncture). The points affect different areas of the body, acupoints are areas of increased electrical activity, which is the reason why they are responsive to the light.

When the brain switches off to extended periods of pain the healing process stops. By using the torch, areas of the skin are stimulated which affects the information the brain receives. This results in chemicals being re-released which is how the light helps the body to kick start its healing again.

We will assess your horses's body and look for any behavioural signs whilst the saddle position and fit is being checked.

We will then assess your saddle independently, looking for any inconsistencies, making any correlations with the physical findings in your horse.

Your horse will be assessed in ground work and ridden. We will make any adjustments necessary to resolve any discomfort, or discuss the need for a new saddle if it cannot be adjusted. 

We will talk through the Deuber & Partner saddle options with you and offer you a trial in one of their models.