We are an official Deuber and Partner Saddlery certified distributor. Deuber and Partner have been making saddles for over 20 years and have developed a revolutionary saddle adjustment system. The beauty, quality and adversity of these saddles are attracting factors alone, but the brilliance behind them is the fact the saddle gullet can be adjusted throughout the whole length of the tree with their well-known Allen Key system.

Sabre Saddlery

Why we love Deuber & Partner


Well known for their allen key system, Deuber saddles can adjust to the width of your horse by a simple turn of the key. Your Summer and Winter saddle all in one.

Hannah is a qualified Horse1st Remedial Saddle Fitter, she thoroughly assesses both your horse and saddle independently looking for any factors which may affect the fit of the saddle. She takes into consideration many factors when examining your horse including; conformation, history, any injuries, asymmetry and behaviour.


What to expect on the day of the consultation:

  • The history form will be talked through

  • Your horse will be examined statically and in movement, where possible on hard ground and a soft surface

  • Your saddle will be evaluated

  • Your saddle will be fitted to your horse and the findings will be discussed

  • You will then be asked to ride in your saddle whilst Hannah makes notes to conclude the evaluation

  • The evaluation will be discussed

  • If your saddle is causing your horse discomfort, options will be discussed. A trial and error process will take place, where possible with Hannah's materials to ease any discomfort

Throughout the whole process, Hannah will be watching your horse for any signals they are giving to indicate the level of comfort, range of movement, attitude and happiness under saddle. Hannah's goal is to ensure your saddle fits correctly, giving room for the muscles to breathe, allowing for full range of movement without restriction and ensuring the saddle compliments the movement of your horse.

Due to Hannah's expertise in bodywork, as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, with experience in Vaquero and classical training, you can expect a detailed evaluation of your horse's body and how your saddle is affecting performance. She will explain any suspected correlation between areas of your saddle and parts of the body it is affecting.


The session will be interactive as you will be asked to look at and feel your horse's body to help you understand, enabling you to look for this in your horse yourself. You will then be able to detect when your horse is in need of bodywork, and if necessary the saddle adjusting.

We cannot stress the importance of good saddle fit and a tension free body enough! If you suspect your current saddle isn't quite right then you are most likely correct. Your horse will be communicating this to you, which is why your gut feeling is telling you something isn't right.

Please allow up to 2 hours for the consultation process.

Hannah welcomes you and your horse to the retreat for the session to take place.