We provide a holistic service for your horse ensuring they are happy and healthy through bodywork, correct saddle fit, therapies, biomechanics and your partnership together.

We work with you to identify any issues and take a whole horse approach to ensure your horse is able to perform their best and stay in optimum health.


Our vision is to support you and your horse, strengthening your health and relationship, helping you to stay in partnership for longer.

We work with a variety of horses including those performing, recovering from injury, those with physical, behavioural and emotional issues, needing rehabilitation or maintenance sessions.

Your horse comes first throughout all consultations and sessions.

Please feel free to contact us and see how we can help assist in the journey between you and your horse.

We do individual sessions, holistic day packages and clinics. Would you like to host a clinic? Contact us for more information or to discuss options.

Welcome to Sabre Saddlery

& Holistic Therapies